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Jan 13, 2023

Although considerable literature can be found on the outcome of total ankle replacement (TAR), only a few studies have reported the results of the fixed-bearing Cadence prosthesis. This noninventor study reports a consecutive series of 60 Cadence TAR systems with a mean of 2.9 years’ follow-up, focusing on clinical and radiographic outcomes and early complications. This study is the first to assess true postoperative radiographic ankle prosthesis range of motion (ROM) and to report an unanticipated serious adverse device effect.
In conclusion, clinical, radiograph ROM, implant position outcomes, and survival rate at an early-term follow-up of 2.9 years were similar to those reported in recent Cadence studies. However, this study reports 5 unanticipated talar implant fractures and a high rate of posterior radiolucent lines.
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